The Real Life Adventures of Jo-Jo Bean Children’s Book Series accompanied by music, follows the daily adventures of an enthusiastic and inquisitive boy named Jo Jo Bean, along with his three friends. From magic bubbles to delectable vegetables, Jo Jo Bean’s curiosity and playfulness puts him and his friends in funny and strange situations. Through social interaction and problem solving, Jo Jo Bean learns how to make right choices.





Birthday Bubbles - Jo Jo Bean learns a valuable lesson about the phrase of "be careful of what you wish for" when he makes a wish upon a magical bubble at his fourth birthday party.


Delectable Vegetables - When Jo Jo Bean's mother fixes a plate of vegetables for lunch, he refuses to eat them, and comes up with an idea where he never has to eat vegetables again. Will his mother ever get him to eat his vegetables?


Safety First - Jo Jo Bean is super excited that his grandfather is taking him to the new pool, but he has so many rules to remember. Will he remember them all, or ruin everyone's fun including his?


Park Blues - With so many things to do at the park, Jo Jo Bean wants to play superheroes on the swings. He runs towards them and falls into a hole in the ground. Will everyone in the park be able to work together to get him out?

The Christmas Coat -Jo Jo Bean goes Christmas shopping with his daddy for gifts and meets a homeless boy who likes the same things he does. Through his new friend, Jo Jo Bean learns about Christmas joy.






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