One Doesn't Have to be a Lonely Number

March 2, 2015

My boy blessing Joseph, aka Jo Jo Bean, is an only child. I can’t say that I completely understand what it’s like to be an only. I have a brother two years younger than me. Although we were never close growing up, at least I always had someone else to fight with, force-feed my liver from dinner to, and play Barbies with, though many times against his will. Joseph loves all the benefits and privileges that his only status affords him. He has so many toys that he could open up his on Toys R Us and still have plenty left over.  Joseph has done more things in his 4 ¾ years on this earth than I ever thought possible as a child. He does it all – swimming, modeling, acting, voice over, martial arts and much more. Joseph plays extremely well by himself and sometimes he prefers it that way.


However, there are times when we are home that he wants another buddy to fight the bad guys with, re-enact the scene from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or talk about whatever preschoolers talk about. How do you reason with a four year old that mommy just doesn’t want to play another game of Hide and Seek? How can I make Joseph understand that the nice people with the funny white coat may come for me if I am subjected to watch The Three Mouseketeers” for the hundredth time in one day?


After an evening of being ignored as my husband and I tried to complete our mid-winter bedroom makeover, Joseph decided enough was enough. He found a solution to his loneliness. HEAD BUDDIES! For those days when you need that other person. One of them is even Joseph’s twin! This is how I found him that evening, engrossed in a deep conversation with his new playmates. 

We always have roundtable discussions as adults to plan and strategize for issues and problems. I guess Joseph decided to have a round-head discussion to map out the details for his birthday party in a week.


Cute? Yes. Funny? Hysterically so. Disturbing? It depends on your definition.


Well, at least Joseph has an active imagination.































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