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April 19, 2015

With the weather finally breaking on the East Coast, it is only natural for people to want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and nature’s beauty that the Lord has created around us. Back in 2013, every Saturday morning, the Lord led me on a nature walk with Him within my neighborhood and the surrounding ones.  Usually, I stayed along the same path every week.


One time the Lord took me along the same path, but eventually redirected me to turn on certain streets where I never ventured before.  I had no idea that these streets even existed.  The longer I walked, the more He led me to walk down different streets that I did not recognize.  I had no idea where I was, though these neighborhoods were not far away, or where I would end up.  I had no GPS system or map to guide me - only the Lord.  He led down long winding streets, and up steep tree-lined streets, which revealed beautiful houses with manicured lawns. I even greeted some people along the way, who were out either in their yards or getting ready to leave for the day. The more I walked the more I began to enjoy the stillness of the neighborhoods early in the morning and the natural beauty of the grass, trees and architecture of these homes.  I thought that I would end up way off track near the expressway somewhere, but I did not care because I knew I would be okay and I was enjoying my time with my Savior. The final street the Lord led me to walk down landed me on a recognizable street that would take me home. 




It was at this moment that I realized why the Lord took me on this long walk and down these unexplored streets. Throughout life’s journey, and particularly at the point in my life where I was at my lowest point, the Lord led me where He wanted me to go.  Sometimes the streets were nice and flat, other times the streets were windy.  Sometimes He led up a steep hill where I could not see what was ahead of me.  It is at these times, and all times, that I was to follow Him blindly, enthusiastically (with great excitement), and without fear.  To follow the Lord blindly means I cannot see where I am going, but my love and faith in Him is strong enough to trust Him to lead me in the right direction.  At the end of those tougher streets or challenges, will be hidden surprises, like those beautiful homes and natural landscapes along my walk, waiting just for me and given to me for my obedience.  In the end, no matter how long it will be, the Lord directs my path to the comforts of a renewed spirit and mind, renewed home, and renewed relationships - a better life than what I had ever known.  I will have the benefits of a greater knowledge and wisdom of Him, and now have paved the pathways for others behind me because I was willing to follow Him blindly through unchartered territories.



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