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About Our Authors

Tracé Wilkins Francis After the birth of her son, she decided to focus more on her first dream of writing. She is a contributing writer for Innervision Magazine, an assistant producer for several projects under her husband's film and theater company, JetFarm Pictures.  Tracé has received several Long Island community awards including the 2019 Women Who Rock Their Roles. She currently lives in Long Island, New York with her husband, and son Joseph aka“Jo Jo Bean” who has written and illustrated his first book, The Adventures of Rock, and is the inspiration behind her book series. 

Joseph E. Francis - does it all. He is a competitive swimmer and in training for his black belt in MMA. His favorite school subjects are Math, Mandarin, and Art. One day he hopes he can be a rock-n-roll crime fighter just like Tim. Joseph's ultimate goal is to be a U.S. Olympic swimmer For now, he'll settle for a competitive swimming, MMA Black Belt Illustrator.