A Parent's Solution for Picky Eaters

Do you know a child who’s hesitant about eating vegetables? This book is a parent’s ultimate tool for those classic mealtime battles.

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Carolyn Cutler Hughes

"This book helps with the tough job of getting kids to eat their vegetables. It is fun, colorful with song and humor. A must have for lunch ladies everywhere and moms with children who want them to eat vegetables." 

A young reader

Mrs. Tracé helped me to understand how important vegetables are. I read this book to my little brother 3 times so he would like vegetables. He loved the pictures.

Rahaf Kanaan

The story will make the children laugh and learn. The character is so delightful. He displays the perfect age for not wanting to eat vegetables. The illustration is well done. The hidden message encourages children to eating vegetables and be healthy.

Merry Go Round blogger

I have a picky eater…nothing more challenging than being a Mindful Mama around food…and for many Mamas…VEGETABLES. Check Out Trace Wilkins Francis and her Jo Jo Bean Adventures.

Ms. Isaac, grandmother

Jo Jo Bean persuaded Leo to eat his broccoli…Leo loves the adventures of Jo Jo Bean.

Officer Carlos Cortez

If you haven’t ordered your copy…you are missing out!

The Real Life Adventures of Jo Jo Bean

Delectable Vegetables
Delectable Vegetables

Delectable Vegetables


Mealtime struggles in households are a classic tale. Jo Jo Bean comes up with a plan to avoid eating veggies for good. Will Jo Jo Bean become the reigning champion of this mealtime war? Or will he at least give veggies a try? Geared for children ages 4 to 8, this humorous book includes a scannable QR Music Code and is just what parents need for the reluctant picky eater.

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So many have fallen in love with Jo Jo Bean and this book. It teaches life lessons about healthy eating, responsibility, decision-making, and character education. This book is a great addition to any child’s library.

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