Doing It Afraid

Three years ago, I did a playful photo shoot using my books as props. I wanted to do something different from the traditional author photo shoots I'd seen. On a sweltering late afternoon in July, Beth Brown of Babs Photography and I went from equipment to equipment at one of the largest parks in Long Island, and my favorite one. We giggled like two school friends as I swung, spun, and hung on the different pieces of apparatus, and she captured those moments. One child asked me if I was a kid. I’m sure she was partly confused and probably annoyed that this 5-ft 6-inch adult was taking up her favorite swing, author or not.


 During this photoshoot, I was reminded about how fearless children are. When I climbed up on that monkey bar to hang upside down, a bunch of thoughts swarmed my head.


            😱 What if the bar isn’t sturdy enough to hold my weight?

            😱 What if I slip and fall on my head?

            😱 What if I get stuck?


In order to get the shot, I had to climb those monkey bars and hang with the mindset of a child — uninhibited and unafraid. When you initially tell a child (s)he can’t do something, they won’t believe you, and will do it anyway. Which is exactly what I did, after I got out of my head, not only when I climbed the monkey bars for the picture, but also when I wrote and published my books and started a publishing company.

Is there something you’re so passionate about that it keeps you up at night? Maybe it’s writing a book, selling your custom-made jewelry, or capturing people’s most precious memories through pictures. Is the vision so big that it scares you into doing nothing? Whatever it is, don’t sit on it. Nurture that seed. Start by writing the vision, praying on it, and following it up with S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) that will bring you to where you were destined to be.

Remember, when your thoughts are keeping you up at night, it’s time to give birth.

What will you give birth to this season?

Tracé Wilkins Francis

Author and Publisher

Creating Diversity with social and emotional lessons that matter

 for parents/educators of children from ages 3 to 9.




  • Lorna Pipkin

    So Inspiring! Everyday presents a new opportunity to tackle your fears and walk by Faith. Thanks for the reminder that we can do more than we can imagine!

  • Severine

    Thanks for this inspirational post. We put more limits on ourselves than we need to. And we sometimes count ourselves out before we start.

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