Unleashing the Power of Reading: Celebrating National Reading Month

Do you remember the book fairs at your school when you were a child? 🤔

I loved flipping through the pages of the flyer and circling which books I wanted. I couldn’t wait to explore fresh places and have new experiences (or even familiar ones) through the eyes of different people, some who only existed within the pages of those books.

My son shared the same excitement and reactions as me when he started school and they announced the book fair. Can you say Christmas morning during school hours?

This month is National Reading Month. 🥳

First established in 1999 by the National Education Association (NEA) as part of its Read Across America program, National Reading Month was created to celebrate the joys of reading and to motivate children and teens to read more. The program was launched on March 2 in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Schools, libraries, and organization across the nation host engaging events all month long to make reading a fun and engaging event everyone can enjoy.

I had the pleasure of kicking off this celebration at Roosevelt Public Library in New York with 25 to 30 elementary and day care students. They laughed as my husband and I read Delectable Vegetables, discussed healthy eating, sang, and played a trivia game. Of course, Jo Jo Bean stopped by. I’ll continue celebrating with a few schools, both virtually and in-person. Author visits are one of the best part of what I do; I get to help children make the real life connections between my books and their lives!

National Reading Month is an important opportunity to recognize the value of reading and literacy in our lives, and to encourage a love of reading in all generations. By promoting reading and literacy, we can help our children expand their knowledge and vocabulary, stimulate creativity, improve their focus and critical thinking skills, and foster empathy and understanding of other cultures and backgrounds.

It’s also important to remember that reading can take many forms beyond traditional books, including online articles, blogs, ebooks, or audiobooks. In fact, in my free parent strategies guide, How to Change Your Reluctant Reader to a Bookworm, I discuss some nontraditional ways to get your child to read more. If you'd like a copy of my free parent guide, please send me an email at anniejeanpublishing@gmail.com.

Don’t think that those benefits only apply to children. We, as adults, can equally reap the same benefits from reading for just a few minutes a day.

So grab your kids and a book (in whatever form) and start reading.

Happy Reading,



P.S. — If you’re an educator, daycare provider, or youth leader looking for an engaging activity for your group, I offer both in person and virtual author visits with Jo Jo Bean.  In honor of National Reading Month, I’m offering a free 35-minute virtual author visit with Jo Jo Bean with the purchase of 20 books or more.

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