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It's FriYay—Now What?

Are you so excited for the weekend that you lose your momentum that keeps your family’s conflicting schedules operating like a car wash? The weekday rules relax a bit—maybe you allow your child more screen time to give you some me time. Reading and extra study time in Math might be forgotten. Here comes Sunday and you cram everything that your family should’ve done into one day. And now the stress you attempted to leave behind from the weekday smolders... We’re all human and need a break. Learning is all around us, as my teacher friend, Andy Evans and I discussed on a November live. Is your child struggling with mastering multiplication and fractions? Trips to the store or preparing...

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The Anatomy of A Great Children's Book

Can I share something with you? When my son was in pre-school, he had his go-to-books. The ones with the worn pages or missing cover. The ones he slept with. The one he chose every night, though I just bought him a new set of books from the school’s book fair. If you have children or deal with them often, you’ve experienced this multiple times.   What makes these books so special?  During a November live on my Facebook page, my friend Andy Evans, teacher and PaperPie (formerly Usborne Books) consultant, shared a plethora of information on providing children with interactive reading experiences. Andy noted four things to connect with a child. These four things are not only great advice for...

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Welcome to your middle school orientation. Whether your child just started middle school or that ship has long sailed, this blog will provide you with truth and entertainment. The truth of what no one ever told you, and the entertaining stories of navigating this ship. You will provide your own food for this orientation, and I promise it won't be long. Grab your favorite drink and a snack, and prepare yourself for the journey.

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